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Changelog 6/1

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1 Changelog 6/1 on Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:11 pm


Let me start by saying Whoops! I forgot to update the changelog's again! However with that being said Im proud to say there is a ton of new content!

HoHB is now 100% working as intended!

Updated click effects on all "epics"!

Ratuk now drops a couple spells! 2 per class! and yes they are tradeable so go get'em!

Corrected 20+ odd problems with various items.

Started work on Commonlands( its about 85%) complete at this point.

Please note that this zone is HUGE,and the amount of content here will be HUGE. Commonlands will lead you to 3+ new zones,so there is a ton of work to do there,please be patient as I am just one man making this!

Summoner's Now get a dope pet!

All kiinda new content,come check it out, and as always new files make sure you get them!

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