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Changelong 5-11

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1 Changelong 5-11 on Mon May 11, 2015 2:34 pm


It has been about 2 weeks since my last post.I have made a ton of progress in this time,I assure you development has not stopped. Halls of Honor B, was simply taking up a LOT of my time. Anyways here is a list of everything updated over the last 2 weeks,please note I may forget to mention some things.

- HoHB is now 99% complete all mobs have loot tables intact,all scripts have been tested and are working 100%.

-Greko's quest in HoHB is now 100% doable!

-Added spells to the Summoner's Path. Added Tomes to the Slaughter and Tank path's.

- Over 35 new items to obtain in HoHB

-Tamer Gaelen is now working 100% as intended and will reward you with a sweet pet!

-Increased mob difficulty in HohB(mainly upped their dps quite a bit)

- Got the play time reward working! Players will no receive 1 Favor Token for every 4 hours they are online. The time frame IS subject to change!

-Fixed problems with Spell Quest's allowing players to scribe spells they shouldn't be allowed to scribe.

-Fixed balancing Issues with a couple items.

-Fixed work arounds that allowed players to have endless favor points.

-Fixed a couple quests.

-Achievement Quests now giving proper rewards.

-New Server Files,please update all files accordingly!

NEXT UPDATE - 5/12-5/18
-A new zone to hunt for levels 71-80
-More Ornaments!
-More tradeskill recipes!
-And More!

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