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Changelog 4-28

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1 Changelog 4-28 on Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:46 am


HoHonor armor is now 100% craftable!

Ralkor Stoneclaw now sells level 70 potions.

First tier of Alchemy is now released! Alchemist's can now create all level 75 and 80 distillates, skinspikes , and armor dyes!

Removed Armor Dye from Temple merchant's it is now 100% player made and distributed.

Added some new items to Valik including a Binding item, a buff ring, Mysterious Seeds, and Armor Tokens. Also edited his prices a little.

We are now the only server with a Flying Carpet bruh!!!! While the combine is not in game yet, I gotz one Razz

Changed the way I distribute server files. They are now available via a single rar file. Simply extract all the files to your EQ directory!

Increased damage on Honorable weapons.

Fixed recast times on Earring of Life and Vaughn's Fiery Defender.

New files download them and have fun!

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